Statement by President von der Leyen on the passing of Jacques Delors

We are all the heirs of Jacques Delors's work of life: a vibrant and prosperous European Union.
Jacques Delors forged his vision of a united Europe and his commitment to peace during the dark hours of the Second World War.
With remarkable intelligence and unparalleled humanity, he has been the tireless  advocate of cooperation between European nations and then of the development of European identity.
An idea he brought to life thanks, inter alia, to the establishment of the Single Market, the Erasmus programme and the early stages of a single currency, thus shaping a prosperous and influential European bloc.
His presidency of the European Commission was marked by a deep commitment to freedom, social justice and solidarity – values now rooted in our Union.
Jacques Delors was a visionary who made Europe stronger. His work had a profound impact on the lives of generations of Europeans, including my own. We are deeply grateful to him.
Let's honour his legacy by continuously renewing and reinvigorating our Europe.